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My open source World GCI..!

Hi there , I am Noor Bzour  🙂  I am a passionate and creative web developer.. ! i am also a competitive programmer..! i love to solve problems..! you can also check my codeforces profile here..!

How I came to know about Google Code-in?

I came to know about Google code-in through facebook..! there was a page where people was talking about google code-in ..! then i search it on google then i see that this competition is for under 17 childrens..! and As i am 16 years old so i take participate in it ..! So, i am here writing a blog for Fossasia  🙂

What Is  Fossasia?

FOSSASIA develops Open Source software and hardware solutions with a global developer community from its base in Asia and organizes Open Technology events around the year. The mission of FOSSASIA is to improve people’s lives by sharing open technologies, knowledge and resources and building a sustainable FOSS ecosystem. Projects include conversational AIsscience applications and event management tools. The organization supports its most promising teams through a business incubator and runs coding programs and development contests like Codeheat to grow the developer community. FOSSASIA’s annual OpenTechSummit in Singapore is the premier Open Technology event in Asia for developers, tech companies, and contributors. FOSSASIA was founded in 2009 by Mario Behling and Hong Phuc Dang.

every children under 17  should participate in GCI..! because you will learn alot of things ..! you will also experience how it feels to work with Open source Organizations..! you can also take part by joining! Visit Google Code-in official website